repository of small ORFs identified by ribosome profiling

sORF ID: elkon_2015:572138

Basic information

sORF ID: elkon_2015:572138
Gene location: chr: 17 pos: 77141024 -77141101
Strand: sense
Transcript length: 75bp (25aa)
Biotype: protein_coding
Annotation: 5UTR
Predicted mass: 2,715.40Da
Downstream gene distance: not available
Upstream gene distance: not available
Start codon: GTG
Exon overlap: 0.0%
Overlap with protein coding segments No
Spliced: Not spliced

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Currently represented frames:
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RNA sequence:


Predicted AA-sequence:


This Micropeptide was also identified in:

sORF ID species cell line
gawron_2016:176709 human gawron_2016
gonzalez_2014:459104 human gonzalez_2014
jakobsson_2017:421499 human jakobsson_2017
jan_2014:145049 human jan_2014
liu_HEK_2013:348554 human liu_HEK_2013
liu_Hela_2013:169379 human liu_Hela_2013
loayza_puch_2013:656327 human loayza_puch_2013
park_2016:735785 human park_2016
rubio_2014:883360 human rubio_2014
tirosh_2015:656452 human tirosh_2015
wiita_2013:341527 human wiita_2013
xu_2016:609193 human xu_2016

Cross-species sORF BLASTp Identifications

No significant Cross Species sORF BLASTp matches found.

Variation analysis

No variational information available for elkon_2015:572138.

BLASTp analysis

No significant BLASTp matches found for elkon_2015:572138.


No PRIDE-ReSpin identifications

Experiment information      

Cell line: elkon_2015
Species: human
Ensembl version: 92
Used mapper: STAR
Only unique maps: N
Total CHX reads: 252426269
Total CHX genomic reads: 129803198
Total CHX reads mapped to rRNA: 111507229
Total CHX reads mapped to CDS: 54721802
Total HARR/LTM reads:
Total HARR/LTM reads mapped to rRNA:
Total HARR/LTM reads mapped to CDS: