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LCL human lymphoblastoid cells
References Ribosome Profiling and RNA sequencing experiments from human lymphoblastoid cells
Authors C. Cenik, E.S.Cenik,G.W.Byeon, F.Grubert, S.Candille, D.Spacek,B.Alsallakh, H.Tilgner,C.L.Araya, H.Tang, E.Ricci, M.P.Snyder
SRA accession SRP055009
treatment type post-lysis cycloheximide treatment nuclease used: RNase I
total number of reads (CHX/EM sample) reads mapped to rRNA (CHX/EM sample) reads mapped to tRNA (CHX/EM sample) reads mapped to snRNA/snoRNA (CHX/EM sample) reads mapped to genomix(% total number of reads)
2287427059 1247420035 296671907 171155883 307152969 (13.43%)
FastQC quality control CHX/EM data (no rRNA/tRNA/snRNA/snoRNA) FastQC provides quality control checks on raw sequence data coming from high throughput sequencing pipelines. FastQC provides a modular set of analyses which can be used to give a quick impression on the quality and potential problems of the data. Prior to the FastQC analysis, rRNA, tRNA, snRNA & snoRNA were removed from the data.

FastQC quality control CHX/EM