repository of small ORFs identified by ribosome profiling default query interface

Below, the default default query interface is presented. A user guide concerning this interface can be found here. For more advanced querying and custom export functions, feel free to consult our BioMart sORFs database implementation. Information concerning the different datasets included in this repository can be found here

Premade filters      

filter name input information
transcript sequence input transcript sequence
amino acid sequence input amino acid sequence
Ensembl gene ID
Conserved sORFs All sorfs with PhastCon>0.7 and PhyloP>4
Bazinni sORFs sORFs as defined by Bazinni et al. (in frame coverage > 0.1 and ORFscore > 6
sORF ID ENSEMBL ID Species Dataset CHR Begin pos End pos length Annotation Biotype Overlap PhastCon PhyloP aa_seq tr_seq in_frame_coverage orfscore gene_id